Cataldo Ambulance 911 Contracts: What You Need to Know

Cataldo Ambulance Service is one of the leading EMS providers in the northeast United States. With over 45 years of experience, the company has established itself as a reliable and trusted provider of emergency medical services. One of the key components of Cataldo`s business is its 911 contracts. In this article, we will discuss what Cataldo`s 911 contracts entail and how they impact the company`s services.

What are 911 contracts?

911 contracts are agreements between EMS providers and municipalities or government agencies that outline the terms of providing emergency medical services. These contracts are put out for bid by the municipalities or government agencies, and EMS providers submit proposals for the contracts. The contracts typically specify the services to be provided, including response times, staffing, equipment, and training requirements.

How do 911 contracts impact Cataldo`s services?

Cataldo Ambulance Service holds 911 contracts with numerous communities in Massachusetts, including Boston, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, and Revere. These contracts require Cataldo to provide emergency medical services to the communities and to meet specific requirements regarding response times, staffing, and equipment.

Under the terms of its 911 contracts, Cataldo is required to respond to emergency calls within a certain timeframe. For example, in Boston, the company must respond to Priority 1 calls (the most serious emergencies) within 8 minutes and 59 seconds, 90% of the time. The contracts also specify the minimum number of ambulances and personnel that must be available at all times to respond to emergencies.

Cataldo must also meet specific training and certification requirements under its 911 contracts. These requirements include certification by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and compliance with state and federal EMS regulations.

Overall, Cataldo`s 911 contracts have a significant impact on the company`s operations and services. By signing these contracts, the company commits to meeting strict requirements regarding response times, staffing, equipment, and training. In return, the communities it serves can be assured of timely and high-quality emergency medical services.


Cataldo Ambulance Service`s 911 contracts are a key component of the company`s business. By meeting strict requirements regarding response times, staffing, equipment, and training, Cataldo is able to provide reliable and high-quality emergency medical services to the communities it serves. As a professional, I highly recommend Cataldo`s services to any community in need of EMS providers.